Page design & layout
News, Metro, Opinion and Features pages for The Seattle Times, the Sacramento Business Journal and The Virginian-Pilot

The Seattle Times

Front page, Metro. Collaborated with A1 editor, Metro editors, copy editors and photo editors. Designed with Methode.

The Seattle Times

Features. Collaborated with Features editor, features copy editor and photo editors. Designed with Methode.

Worked with the illustrator to create two scenes that would work in tandem when held up to the light. Here's the note we wrote about the cover, "A year after the pandemic began, we find ourselves much in the same collective state of isolation and uncertainty as we did last spring. But we're also one year wiser, discovering ways to adapt and start again. This cover represents the frustrating exhaustion of the last 12 months, but what shines through are the ways we've managed to endure. We hope the light shines through your window of experience."

Art direction

Art direction

Art direction and photography

Art direction

Worked with the reporters to have them create personal doodles for each blurb, then did the photo editing to put the doodles onto notebooks.

Sacramento Business Journal

Business. Collaborated with Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Photo editor, reporters. Designed with Adobe InDesign.

Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design for Cover Story/Spread

Worked directly with the reporter to decide on the intro text for the piece.

First Place from the California News Publishers Association for Inside Page Layout/Design

Wrote the headline and created the illustration

The Seattle Times

Opinion. Collaborated with Opinion editor, deputy opinion editor, opinion copy editor and illustrators. Designed with Methode.

The Virginian-Pilot

News, Sports. Collaborated with A1 editor, photo editor, copy editors and sports copy editors